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Monday, May 22, 2017

Anoobis Destiny Event - Manchester

Anoobis Event

After being invited to Belong Manchester Destiny Event by Anoobis, Hype is one
word to describe it!

After planning to attend a month prior arriving at the event I was met with
excitement and new/old friends. The Gaming Arena the event was held at did not
disappoint, the place was decked out with top grade PC/consoles and gaming
equipment ( was hard not to steal the comfiest gaming chair I've ever sat in).
Great people from the Destiny community appeared Anoobis , Monkey_Pi, Bk
Spleen among many others.

The setting was perfect for strike races and DestinyRaiders were out to win. Myself,
Jhead13 and Monkey_Pi were ready to take on any opponent we sat down for the
first team to set a strike time. The Strike was Nexus Mind, the goal to set the fastest

We ran into the strike all guns blazing, our first run was a respectable 7.58 mins ( I
totally wasn't wearing my PVP gear).

We then decided to have a a fun rumble match while others completed their strikes. To our dismay another team beat our time so we got our game faces on and delved
back into strikes.... at the last minute we grabbed an amazing time of 5.18 mins !

We were sure we would be victorious as no one had come close to our time but team
moobis were still on their last run and seemed to be doing well.
At the Last second Team moobis stole our lead by 8 seconds!

Although we didn't win the strike races, the night was great for all, many laughs
were had by all. Destiny is more than just a game but a community building
friendships and making memories.

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