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Are you looking to join the most chilled group of people in the Destiny [PS4] community?

As of October 1st. recruitment is currently on hold while we allow our members time to enjoy Shawdowkeep. You may still apply but it could be a few weeks before you hear back from someone. 

Due to the limited clan roster space imposed by Bungie we require new recruits to go through an interview process to make sure you are a good fit for our group and more importantly we are a good fit for you. This is not some grueling sweaty process, it’s more of a meet and greet with various members.

2017 [DRs] Meetup
If you are still not sure that you would like to be a part of our piece of the Destiny community please feel free to check out our about page for more information about the DestinyRaiders. If you are ready to follow the steps below.

Step 1 Read and Accept this: DestinyRaiders Code of Conduct

Step 2 Complete this: Application to Join

DestinyRaiders Leadership Team


  1. Hi, I have played since D1 but my D2 activity has dramatically tappered off due to clan inactivity. I play more PvP than PvE (1.95 KD), I am very keen to participate in raids. I ran numerous flawless Trials runs (D1) but have been unable to play any comp, other than solo in my current clan . I am a Hunter lv. 750 (nightstalker) and my GT is Camert.

  2. Hello, i'm Peter and my PSN is Nutty-and-Foxila. Ive been playing Destiny since the D1 beta on xbox where i had a solid group of friends to raid with. I did all the d1 raids except WotM because you know, not a fun raid. Since i started playing D2 on ps4 ive been in a dire need for a clan/group of friends to raid with. (Only done levi so far) I got 730 warlock with all the necessary exotics for raiding. Was really hoping i could join because this itch needs to be scratched asap lol.

    Hopefully i'll get to meet up with you guys/girls soon.

    Oh and ofcourse i accept the code of conduct.

    1. Peter please read complete the application posted

  3. Umm is the mic on? Hi my name is Fernando and my psn is Kalel8991. I’ve been playing destiny since destiny 1. Im looking for a clan to join that plays the game for fun and enjoys it. I’m a warlock 740 who’s down to have fun.


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