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Saturday, August 26, 2017

3 Years Later and we're still here... Dick jokes and all!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

DRs Meme World

Below are a selection of memes made by various DR members, staring other DR members!

Please enjoy but do not use without our permission!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

DestinyRaiders LAN Party 2018

What do you think about when you hear that a bunch of Guardians from all over the country get together, some may say that’s a crazy idea and some may think that its plain awesome. Well guess what last year that is what happened. In March of 2017 the DestinyRaiders Crew did just that. From all around country we came together to be a family, a clan and one big awesome group of people. We drank “some” Beers had a lot of laughs and gamed our little hearts out.
The Conference Room at the Fourpoints Sheraton was the
place to be last March!

This year the LAN Party 2018 will be March 8th thru the 12th. And let’s just say that it’s going to be amazing. I’ll give you a little bit of info to DRsLAN2018: gaming, drinking, exploring and more drinking. We’re going to have a board game day and a VR station where some of the DRs might shit their pants depending on the game that they are walking around in. Beware don’t get on the VR Roller coaster after drinking a lot. And Cheesesteaks lots of Cheesesteaks. If you couldn't make is last then get ready to meet some amazing peeps and put a face to that voice you have had in your ear for a long time now.
If I were you I would book your tickets now and set your hotel arrangements! You are not going to want to miss this craziness and amazing time with great people that you will build a lasting friendship with!

If you need any info on DRsLAN2018 get it anyone on the Admin team or just click on the DRsLAN2018 Chat and you will find pictures, info and lots of memories from the OG LAN2017 Peeps. We hope to see everyone there. And if not we JT or Brit will probably facetime or Facebook video you when they are drunk so you can join in on the fun times since you won’t be there IRL. ~Britt
Pre-Gaming at Stewart's
Brewing Co.

2018 North American LAN Party Details

Who: If you are in the Clan, you are invited! 
What: 2018 DRs Meet up / LAN Party 
When: March 8th - 11th 
Where: FourPoints Sheraton Hotel. Newark, Delaware [USA] Reserve room: 
Why: Because we’re fucking awesome… duh 
How to help: Donate here

Monday, August 21, 2017

Destiny Raiders presents ... Crucible Premier League

You think not having private matches would stop us...think again!

DRs CRL will pit teams of 4 guardians, chosen by you guys (including picking a captain) against each other in a league format
to prove whos team has the biggest "cabals" !!

Each week your LOCKED team of 4 will play 5 PVP matches in a row in the competitive playlist, scoring points in the league that will run for a season at a time.

Can you team take home the trophy in season 1?? More rules and information coming soon, in the mean time start tapping up your team mates with them sweet noodz, once you finalise your 4some, pick a name and team captain.

Struggling to find a team?? Need 1 or 2 more, no worries the DRs super computer will LFG that shit!

Single?? Looking to meet hot men in your area...wait wrong advert...Solo player but wanna join a team, maybe too shy to speak up, again the supercomputer will find the team for you!

Crucible Premier League - where the big boys play...with each other!!!