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DestinyRaiders was founded in August 2014 by isoromiC and typesetting. The group started small with just a few members that would include eckskape, Lastsundance and a few others from what started at their Halo LAN Party days. The raiders were intended to be a Sherpa and LFG Facebook page, where you could seek them out if you needed any help in Destiny. With the new clan started they completed the first raid VOG on October 10, 2014. This first ever raid run took 9 hours to complete with the guys that ran this. This VOG run may have been the first ever run but since then there have been 1000’s run by clan members today. When the Taken King, expansion came to destiny the group had over 60 members. When having this many members when the raid dropped it was completed within the launch window. That’s a lot of work and time that the members put into this run. With the members of the clan growing it was decided on January 2, 2016 that they were forming DestinyRaiders EU. This was to be able to bring folks from Europe into the Clan. When the EU clan started they had their own chat so that they could form teams, raid groups and get to know each other. Since then we have integrated them back into the main chat that way we are one big ole happy family. Time zones are a tough thing but most of us have found a way to work around that so we can hang with the EU peeps. The clan has had so many great times and a few include the ESports League that was formed to run fun in clan events, and since this launched we have had 10 events that have been done. Which we might add is a great time just to kick back with clan mates drink some drinks and have an all-around great time. In March of 2017 the DestinyRaiders came together for the first all around the world LAN party.

This included members from Canada, Oklahoma, California and Florida all meeting in Delaware to game and build forever friendships. The LAN2017 was a great success and will become an event that happens every year event. In fact, LAN2018 is already in place. This is where we hope to have some of the EU peeps and way more of the US family come together. DestinyRaiders is not just a group of gamers that just game together but they are a Family, a family of gamers that have come together to make we call fun, relaxed and loving group of people that genuinely love gaming together. There is nothing greater than a group of people that like to be around talk to and game together. DestinyRaiders is growing to this day and will continue to grow just because of the awesomeness of the members. isoromiC you brought some pretty amazing people together and for that we all thank you!

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