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isoromiC founded the DestinyRaiders in August 2014 with a group of LAN gaming buddies from the great small state of [tax free] Delaware where he still lives and works for a Healthcare System as an IT Infrastructure Analyst. Iso has been a Gunslingin' Hunter since day one. When not playing Destiny he enjoys: Disc golf (casually), cooking, and going to concerts. He is an avid music fan, and extremely partial to Metal music. \m/,

You can follow him on twitter @isoromiC

and occasionally on the main DRs Twitch account: 



LastSundance92 (Sundance) is a founding member of DestinyRaiders. He mains a Titan and is one of the premiere crucible players in the group. He's helped quite a few guardians get to the coveted "Lighthouse." When Sundance isn't playing Destiny you'll find him deep in some JRPG or listening to some Old School Hip-Hop.

You can find him on twitter @LastSundance92

Britt is one of the DestinyRaiders' Community Leaders as well as a 'Bomb-Ass-Bitch'. Britt mains a Hunter and has spent countless hours Sherpa-ing clan mates through raids. Along with Destiny she's dominates at Grand Theft Auto Online and has a keen eye for the GTA Fashion trends. If Britt's offline then she's probably cooking up something amazing or spending time with her two daughters. Britt is also a member of the DestinyRaiders Press team.

You can follow her on twitter @mad_hatt3r24

Natasha as we all know as the lovely (Angel_Eyes_66) Joining the DR Crew on 8/18/16 has a love for the Defender/ Sentinel Titan, we all know how much she loves her Bubble. When Natasha isn’t putting a Bubble up she is a Retail Toy Manger. She Lives in the North West, UK and she loves to listen to Music of all Genres Mostly Michael Jackson, loves to go the gym watch films and TV but must of all she has a love for Food and Pizza with a Side of Chips.  When she isn’t gaming on Destiny she likes to play Final Fantasy 8. She has a Love from Rainbow Dash her favorite Unicorn and she has 2 adorable puppies named Batman and Goku. She loves to Stream when she plays so that we can all join in on the fun. 

You can Reach the lovely Natasha by:,

Not only is Mekk [aka Chocolate Bear] a shoulder charging fool in the crucible, he is also the DestinyRaiders Art Director. Mekk founded the Destiny Community Artists, which is a group where artist collaborate and discuss designs around Destiny. Mekk recently spearheaded a collaborative design with over 40 Destiny artists that will be displayed by Bungie at PAX.

For Business inquiries or high fives you can find Mekk on twitter @F_mekki
Eckelbopp_ is one our Community Leaders. The Hunter also as "Bopp_!" because of his ability to remove heads in the crucible. We're pretty sure Bungie nerfed the Stillpiercer because his sick shadestep-snipe combo's. Bopp_ has carried over 170 Guardians to the Lighthouse for the first time When he isn't decapitating tryhards in the crucible you'll find him play League of Legends or headbanging to Of Mice and Men.

You can follow him on twitter @eckelbopp_
Queen of the internet, or Jenni, Catfink has been playing destiny since year one (on another account originally).  Maining a Warlock, Jenni can be found on Destiny most nights and is always willing to help out with things to do.  When not keeping the darkness at bay, Jenni works in Information Security in Telecoms and is a card-carrying sci-fi geek (reading watching etc).  She is also a sucker for a good chick-flick and when she does leave the house she’ll be found on a horse (trying not to fall off).    Jenni counts the Tomb Raider series and Mass Effect as her favourite games, Nine Inch Nails as her favourite band, and Ghostbusters (original) as her favourite film.  

She can be found streaming from time to time on and on twitter @catfink_uk.
Danny or J_Head13 is our eSports Coordinator however, he likes to call himself the 'Void Nova Badass Warlock'. Some may say that’s a little Big headed but hey that’s not far off. He is a money police aka Finance Officer. That’s a tad bit scary that he controls money…Hmmmmm… Danny lives in Backpool England where he loves to watch Football and drink lots of Beer. He has 2 dogs who he takes lots of cute pictures of by the way.

You can Catch Danny on Titter @J_head13
Brandon who we know and love is bunit-72 who lives in Canada, His Favorite sub class is a Warlock. 
When he isn’t on his warlock he likes to Box, play baseball and play hockey. Outside of his Hobbies in his everyday life he is a Setup Operator. When not on Destiny he plays Battlefield 3 and listens to Bon Jovi. He joined the Destiny Raiders on 6/1/15 and his destiny memory that sticks with his is his first time completing VOG. And he wants everyone to know that he is just an awesome person all around that likes to Munch on BBQ Chips as his snack food. 

If you are wanting to know more on MR Brandon you can find him at @bunit72

The Man, the myth, the Legendary beardsman, TheBurningStone or Jesse to us, we believe he significantly raises the clans overall IQ and quite possibly the entire worlds. Jesse rolls with a Defender titan and has probably ruined your weekend a few times with his friends from the Destiny Fun Police. Jesse is currently working on his PHD and we expect him to change the world for the better very soon.

You can follow Jesse on twitter or Twitch @JessePB 
You may know him as Gareth but to us here he is known as Cheesewisk who graced us with his presence 6/3/17. Not only is He is a Lead UI Developer He also likes to Rock out to Alice in Chains and trying to Decide what game he likes more than Destiny is like trying to decide between to pretty awesome clan mates Monk and Mekk it’s just not possible. Not only did he Fall in with D1 when he turned the Game on he also has a love for Cheeseburgers. 

You can Find our Great Cheesewhisk on Twitter Tweetin. 

LittleUbo, Ubo, U-bruh, or SexyUbo as he is known as in our Discord Server mains a Void Warlock mostly for the fashion and when know is looking he's hunter. After playing hard to get Ubo finally joined the Clan in the Summer of 2016. He's a great raid mentor and active member of the Destiny community yet he refuses to carry iso to a Vision of Confluence. When he's not gaming Ubo enjoys getting beating up by his two sons and rocking out to Tool.

You can follow Ubo on twitter and twitch @littleubo
K13_45_NHL(Kurtis) joined DestinyRaiders back in Year One. Kurtis mains a titan and when he's not dropping warlocks in the crucible he competes IRL in Long Distance Race. He work at Tim Horton's, which he considers he dream job.Kurtis is also a huge transformers and Link Park fan.

You can find him on Twitter: @k1345nhl  - Twitch: K13_45_NHL 

YouTube: K1345
You may know him as Neil but to us he is Skatooter who is a retail assistant manager. He came to the destiny raiders family on 3/10/16. Living in Black Pool England he loves running his hunter. Besides playing destiny he likes Graphic Design, comics and Guitar. Just another notch on his D1 belt was beating the VOG raid. He likes eating pizza and listening to the Cure. He also wants you to know he is sporting a bald head. I mean that’s pretty hot!

You can find him @NeilPKeegan.
Jayssin_ or also called Yassine, is a Sunbreaker Titan that during the day is a Refrigerant. He likes to Watch Sports and Drink I mean Who Doesn’t!!! Drinking is kind of the DR thing in parties. He joined the clan on 7/12/16. He would tell you that one of the Best things that he did was Spending 6 hours in VOG trying to find the First Door, not to mention it was their first time ever in the raid.

You can find the lovely Jassin_ on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.
Nerdy/Tai is currently living in Michigan with his wife and 2 kids, he mains a striker titan. Nerdy also has been a great Warframe mentor to all the noobs in DRs. He's also a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series.  When he's not gaming he's probably watching Anime or reading comics.

You can follow Nerdy on twitter @NerdySoLuckyy

Megan aka PrettyMuchYeah a voidwalker Warlock, joining the clan 6/1/17 she is a Cheddar and sour cream chips lover I mean who isn’t? she is a Michigan native and you can find her on Twitch Monday- Thursday 2-6EST while playing Destiny you can maybe catch her playing Resident Evil 2 and rocking out to Rise Against. She will tell you her Favorite thing from D1 was going to the Lighthouse in year one.

You can Catch Megan on twitter and twitch.
Yolo played hard to get for awhile and didn't finally join DestinyRaiders until February 2017. He mains a Baldedancing Hunter and plans to continue Destiny 2 as an Arc Strider. Like many of us, Yolo's favorite Destiny moment was getting the Ghallarhorn for the first time. When not playing Destiny he's either watching Football or pondering the meaning of life.

You can follow Yolo on twitter @jcarr877 

Zach who is known to us as Xred0ctobeRx is a Warlock who joined in on the clan on 5/26/17 this crazy cat is an Agronomist/ well Educated Farmer. Living in Iowa he likes to spend time with his 3 kids, and has worked on a farm pretty much his whole life, he has 2 brothers who occasionally will play Destiny. One of his favorite things about D1 is when the Ghallarhorn dropped in the nightfall, I think that was a great day!

You can reach Zach on and Twitter @xRed0ctobeRx
Robert who we all know as scotty918 who came to the raider on 6/1/17 who loves his titan. Outside of Destiny he is Teacher/ Couch, who loves Fishing, Sports and Movies. Living in good ole Collinsville, OK. When not running the titan, he plays Bioshock. He will tell you like most others he was happiest when he beat the VOG. And for Someone who loves to talk about Nutrition he loves Cookie Cake.

You can find this nutrition lover on Twitch and Twitter @scotty918


Richard that we all know in the Clan as the Legendary Deuphus who is a Retired fun-loving guy, who loves his gunslinger Hunter, while he sips on his vast collection of Bourbon. He loves to Exercise his right to Bear arms and even loves Miniature Gaming. He lives in the Great State of Texas while Playing Mass Effect 3 outside of Destiny. Richard would Tell you the Greatest accomplishment he has had was getting his hunter through the Kings Fall Raid.

You won’t catch him on Social Media but he needs to be on your bucket list of people to hang with.
George who we know as RockHardsemi85 is a hunter who loves to shoot you in the face with his Golden Gun, he brought his goldy to the clan in hand on 4/1/15 and when he isn’t destroying you with his Goldy he is a Health Sector. he may or may not have an interest in his family we all are still trying to figure that out., I think he may love his dogs more haha. He lives in the isle of man… he isn’t too sure what kind of music he likes which makes more sense than not. You will find that he remembers most being woken up by Dinklebot, something a lot of us have experienced but haven’t admitted out loud.

You can find George on Facebook.
He may be Danos to you but to us he is our favorite Australian, who is a Software Quality Engineer. While he did his house of Wolves play through with D_Dariman a Fellow Clan mate, all that is great but he also enjoys playing Metal Gear Solid and Listening to A Day to Remember. Joining the clan on 4/12/17. Danos is fun to be around and an all-around great time to play with.

Catch him on @Danosdestiny on twitter.
Manuel also known as MstrBubbles which by the name that you can guess that he loves his titan. This caring Soul Who Nurses his mum he lives in Cologne Germany. He graced with his tender heart on 8/9/16 with his tenderness and caring heart that he makes it very easy to talk to him he is a pretty good dude. He likes to watch tv and movies and listen to Audio Books.

You can find this Gentle soul on Twitter @_mstrBubbkes and Twitch: @MsrtBubblesGaming

Marcus who we know as Pan7old who is an IT Systems Analyst, he brought his IT skills to the clan on 4/5/16, this Void walking warlock lives in the UK and beside playing destiny he likes to listen to music, run, and even surf when he gets the chance to do so. The one thing that will stick with him from D1 is when he was doing a Crota Raid where everyone in the Fire team was doing Arnie Impressions.

Find him on Twitter @pen7old and Facebook as well.
Josh also known as Monsieur_Vader he joined the Clan on 10/20/16 he loves running on his hunter at night and by day is driving the garbage truck around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. And he might even be jamming out to some Avenged Sevenfold Whole Driving around. He can tell you one thing he loved doing in Destiny was getting his first Aksis Kill along the new friends and clan mates he came to love.

You can catch him on twitter @monvadergaming
All round good guy, Monkey (no one ever calls him Matthew for some reason) is genuinely one of the nicest people in the known universe. Father to the almost too-cute-to-be-allowed mini-monkey, our Gunslinger will round up anyone and everyone who is wanting to get something done, be it a raid, a trials card, or just a chill run around on patrol.  Another of the community leaders, Monkey is as happy shooting the mans as he is reading, writing or meme-creating.  His twitter Friday follows are the stuff of legend.  He is the Vanilla Bear to Mekk’s Chocolate Bear and one day they will recreate that scene from Scrubs!  

He’s recently become a twitch affiliate so go seek him out on and on twitter @Monkey_pi

Oliva (aka Livviloo95) is Reece’s loving warlock, hailing from Derbyshire in the UK.  Since joining the clan she has made some fantastic close friends and loves the feeling of being a part of something special.  Our Administrator loves make- up, movies, shopping and cars. Originally a WOW/League of Legends fan she has fitted in nicely into the clan and is always up for a raid.  

You can follow her on twitter @_LivHorsley
Chris aka Langoit a Void Walking Warlock that likes to just ruin people’s day in crucible with his awesome full-time legend skills he is a horden by the Sea and has a very unhealthy obsession with Bopp…. We all understand that though. Besides being the attached umbilical cord to Bopp he likes to play Final Fantasy 7. Joining the clan on 5/1/15 he is most excited about the Taken King Launch with Sam and Nicole.

You can see Chris on all Social Media Sites Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch
Troy aka Casketcrew1331 he is a fan of his Striker Titan they came as a duo to the clan on 7/14/17. At night, he may be a Titan but by day he is a Factory Worker who lives in Garrettsville Ohio. Beside the everyday routine he likes to Draw and likes to Fish. When he isn’t with the clan on Destiny you can find him on Gods of War or Dark side 1 and 2. The best memory he has from Destiny is going flawless with his friends. 

If you’re looking for Troy you can find him on Twitch and Twitter @Casketcrew1331.

Jiggs or Jiggs33 who runs a nightstalker Hunter who during the day is a Mobile Seed Cleaning Plant Operator. Jiggs joined Destiny Raiders on 4/1/16 and can tell you that like many others that completing the VOG Raid. You’ll notice that he has some great moves and he can contribute that to his past of being a Paid dancer and Bartender well we know who will be making the drinks at the party! I wonder if since Krispy Kreme is his junk food go to how many he can eat in one sitting? Jiggs lives in Stamford UK and you can find this great man on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter

Just look for his Handel Jiggs33
Joey aka Klaus living in Florida you will often see him online early morning and throughout the day due to this lucky guy gets to work from home... WHAT!!! LUCKY!! You will find Klaus running around on Destiny as a gunslinger hunter. Beside slaying people in the crucible, he likes to go camping with friends. He joined the raiders on 1/1/17 where he can say he met some pretty amazing peeps we can agree with that. Beside camping and rocking out to Metallica you will find joey with some good ole pizza since it seems to be his go to while playing N64 Mario Kart what a classic and great game!

You can connect with Joey on twitch and Twitter.
And here we have a questionable Government worker you may know as Chris aka Chrisbfc who loves his hunter a little too much we have to question at times.  He came into our world 4/7/17 and from there it’s just been great times. He lives in Blackpool England and he loves him some Pizza while he watches Football, movies and Dragon Ball Z. You can Find him running around on GTA and rocking out to Oasis. The only thing better than that was when he finished the Kings Fall Raid that he tried all weekend to beat.  

You can find Chris on Twitter @chrisbfc

Reed who we know as Bigg_Bear joined the DR crew on 7/15/17 he loves the Void-lock Class for his Warlock and when he isn’t running around as his warlock he is a Process Engineer who lives in Kansas City. Besides playing Destiny he enjoys playing Mass Effect and Chrono Trigger. He also loves to read science fiction and fantasy books, and also loves to go golfing. His all-time Favorite memory from Destiny is when he did a Blind Kings Fall Raid and Ubo getting Piston Dicked. Reed also plays on Xbox as Biggbeatku and loves Chocolate Chip cookies. 

If you wanting to Reach Reed you can find him on Twitch BiggBear
eckskape is a founding member of the DestinyRaiders. He's been a part of  the Delaware LAN Party crew since the early 2000's (Halo:CE). He mains a Hunter and when he's not playing videogames you'll find him hosting DnD or Magic the Gathering games. You can usually find eckskape driving a suspicious white van around schools.

Jabawokee is a Bladedancing raiding machine that hails from New Jersey. When he's not helping people get through Raids you can find watching sports or drinking. Or more than likely both at the same time.

You can follow Jabawokee on twitter @williamcolon82
Kevin aka (Adkyth) has a love for the Titian Sunbreaker class, During the Day Adkyth is a Financial Advisor/ Wealth Management, when he isn’t giving money advice or throwing Hammers at someone in Crucible he enjoys ultimate Frisbee and Athletic Training. He lives in sunny Jacksonville FL with his wife and 3 children who wear him out. He enjoys playing Dark souls listening to Rise Against and his favorite Destiny memory is Solo Flawless Raider with his Fellow DR cheerleaders Cheering him on in stream. He loves Mountain Dew and Streaming which he has no set schedule for.

You Can reach him on all Social Media Sites as @adkyth

Pauly aka Violenthistory73 joined the destiny raiders on 2/1/17 and man are we glad he did, living in Birmingham UK you can find Pauly maybe streaming if he feels like it is eating pizza NO PINEAPPLES, and during the day he is a CNC Programmer. Getting a fatebringer in his first ever raid he almost dismantled the gun because he thought it was JUNK!! WHAT!!!!!!

You can find Pauly on Twitch- ViolentHistory73 and Twitter @Pauly1073

Jon aka Thelimeyjcls who we all know and loves so much as Limey. He loves his Gunslinger and when he isn’t running around with his hunter at night he is a VFX-IT. Bringing his awesomeness to the clan on 6/1/15. He is a great time to play with and I mean he loves anything with cheese that makes him great regardless. Limey lives in Vancouver BC, and he wants to you have a visual of what he looks like so this is it really white and ginger!!! When not ITing it up he likes to paracord and Workout. “get buff”.

You can find Mr. Limey on Instagram.
Robert who we all know as scotty918 who came to the raider on 6/1/17 who loves his titan. Outside of Destiny he is Teacher/ Couch, who loves Fishing, Sports and Movies. Living in good ole Collinsville, OK. When not running the titan, he plays Bioshock. He will tell you like most others he was happiest when he beat the VOG. And for Someone who loves to talk about Nutrition he loves Cookie Cake.

You can find this nutrition lover on Twitch and Twitter.
Glowallos or as you may know her as Amanda is a lover of her Nightstalking Hunter. Outside of running around with Fellow Guardians she has a love for Art, Reading and Music. Living in Minnesota she joined the Clan on 7/1/15. As of right now she is a Student and you can find her on Twitter or Twitch

Twitter @glowallos and Twitch Amandajcg
Chris known as DarthBrodie is a Titan that will take you down in Crucible. Joining the Crazy crew 10/15/15 he has brought lots of Laughter and good times to the Group. You can catch him rocking out to Metallica and playing Elder scrolls. Coming from a town that’s hard enough to pronounce and say Oconomowoc WI, what a mouth full that was. He has Enjoyed the Best Time Ever by Joining the DRs being able to hang with some pretty terrific Individuals.

Catch Brodie on Twitter and Facebook. @DarthBrodie.
Obsessive collector and artist JoJo is our Queen of gifs. She possesses a number of tattoos and, rumour has it, a built-in radar to detect giggly moments. JoJo was one of the firs to successfully solo Crota's End back in the early days. JoJo counts the Last ofUs, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Zelda: Ocarnia of Time amongst her favourite games and loves a Margarita Pizza a lá Dominoes, we can all agree that less is more and tasty AF! Hideo be praised!

JoJo can be found on Twitter @JoJoMcGiggity
Hailing from Lowestoft, the most easterly point of Britain, Striker Titan Gary joined the clan May 2017.  Our Senior sales manager, likes nothing better than to spend time with his kids, watching films (Shawshank Redemption being his all time favourite) or eating - meat feast pizzas.  He admits that Destiny was the first game that compelled him to get every trophy and getting the platinum trophy is his favourite moment from D1.  Gary is a chill member and a real pleasure to game with.

Gary has no set schedule but when he does he streams on twitch @ xed_the_duckx and can be found on twitter @Ed_TheDuck
JOHNNYRAHJohnny or as we know as Johnnyrah aka "THE LAW" lives in Newark, Delaware where he is a police officer. He loves to run as a Gunslinger Hunter.  He likes to play table top games, go to the the gym, and you know catch the occasional bad guy. You will not find this police officer on social media because he likes to be all mysterious and what not. If you want to get to know him and you're in the Newark area I'm sure you can try to get pulled over by him and lucky for you I'm sure he will have some great dick jokes for you. When you ask rah rah what his favorite memory is he will tell you Hands down the LAN party where unfortuanly he had to wear pants. we all know he hates pants, and when in parties you know he is pant-less. I must say though that Johnny Rah is an all around great guy.

And to end this Johnnyrah wakes up pissing excellence, if you want to ever play or get to know him your going to have to add him on PS4: JOHNNYRAH.